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Research & Solve Major Global Issues

Use World Poll data to track citizens' opinions on important matters.

In 2005, Gallup launched a 100-year initiative to measure the will of every person on Earth.

The Gallup World Poll is now the gold standard of worldwide polling.

Gallup can collect data that no one else can.

Partner with Gallup for endless opportunities to conduct custom research and access recent and historical World Poll data.

We research and analyze more than 100 crucial world issues affecting people's lives, such as media freedom, security, leadership approval, happiness, employment and more.

Join many well-known organizations and influential academics who work with us to understand and solve some of the world's most pressing problems.

We conduct nationally representative surveys in 160+ countries and 140+ languages.

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Track trends of 100+ crucial world issues.

"If democracy is based on the will of the people, shouldn't someone find out what that will is?" George Gallup

Make better decisions based on the will of the people.

Measuring Food Insecurity: How the FIES Scale Was Born. Bringing the Numbers to Life.

Voices of the Hungry
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

More Than Half of World's Poor Don't Use Banks

The Global FINDEX
World Bank

Walk Free: The Movement to End Modern Slavery

Global Slavery Index
Walk Free Foundation

World Happiness Report

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Happy Planet Index

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World Giving Index

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Better Life Index

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Human Development Report

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Global AgeWatch Index

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The Legatum Prosperity Index

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George, Gallup’s self-service survey and reporting engine

A leadership model for successful societies.

The World Poll is based on a framework called the Gallup Macroeconomic Path.

Each step on the path links to a set of survey questions that Gallup asks across each country. This approach makes it possible to track historical trends and make direct cross-country comparisons.

Gallup conducts nationally representative surveys face to face or via telephone in more than 160 countries and more than 140 languages, covering the emerging and developed world.

View topics covered by the Gallup World Poll.

The 2016 U.S.-Global Leadership Report

What people worldwide think of U.S. leadership, according to the largest global public opinion study on the topic.

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State of the Global Workplace

This report provides insights into what leaders can do to improve employee engagement and performance in their company.

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2016 Global Law and Order Report

The 2016 Global Law and Order Report gives leaders and security and development agencies a snapshot of whether the security situations in their country are improving or not.

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Gallup 2016 Global Emotions Report

Gallup's Positive and Negative Experience Indexes measure life's intangibles -- feelings and emotions -- that traditional economic indicators such as GDP were never intended to capture.

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Shape your decision-making strategy with access to global data.

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